Sarah & Naveed

"Denise and her assistants, Lauria and Victoria, were fantastic. Her organizational skills helped ensure nothing was forgotten. It made the last few weeks of wedding planning less stressful! She gave us ideas for memorable wedding day moments. Denise, Lauria and Victoria handled everything for us.  We couldn't have asked for more!"


Caroline & Matt

"Denise is fantastic; we had a blast working with her. She was helpful, fun and really kept things under control on our big day. She kept in touch throughout the process, helped confirm and coordinate all our vendors, and had plenty of helpful tips. Absolutely worth the price for month of services that she provided!" 


Megan & Mathew

"Denise and her assistant Taylor were great! Everything was absolutely perfect. For her day-of coordinating service she assisted with everything from venue set-up and decorating, to helping organize people for pictures. Denise and Taylor really made our day so much easier and stress free. I would recommend her to anyone!"  


Dani & Nathan

" We hired Denise to set everything up for us in the venue on our wedding day. She quickly caught on to our decor theme and style. The day of the wedding we arrived at the venue and were beyond thrilled. Our cocktail space decor looked fantastic, and our centerpieces were arranged in a way that was even better than we planned  Denise’s keen eye had guests raving. I would highly recommend Denise to brides that need an extra hand!" .


Rachel & Jeremiah

"Brilliant Affairs Nails It!! We hired Denise as our day of coordinator. She handled everything on the day of the wedding so we could just relax and enjoy being with our friends and family. What small issues did come up she handled on the fly and with minimal intrusion. It is definitely worth hiring Brilliant Affairs to manage your event; their support beforehand and on the day of cannot be over-emphasized. We highly recommend their services!" 


Allison & Steve

 " I cannot praise Denise and Mia enough for how hard they worked to make my daughter's wedding a success. I should mention that Denise brought assistants at no cost to me to ensure that everything went well. Further, they stayed to the very end of the party, ensuring that I got all the gifts before they left. I would highly recommend Brilliant Affairs."  ~ Diana (Mother of the bride)


Dorothy & Frank

"Denise and her staff are absolutely AMAZING!! She is so organized and made sure my day was flawless! I did not have to worry about anything, and my husband and I actually got to enjoy our wedding. I can't thank her enough for making my day so stress free! I highly recommend her for all your wedding planning needs." 


Jennifer & Quay

How do I begin to review Denise and Brilliant Affairs?? To say I would not have had a wedding without her is a start! I really needed someone who has experience and connections. THE BEST WEDDING DECISION I MADE was to hire Denise. Denise is the consummate professional and really listened to us and got to know us well. She was able to take our crazy ideas and quirks and incorporate them into a personal and fun wedding. Very responsive, thorough and kept us on track for tasks and timing. My wedding day was calm and I was able to focus on the moment and enjoy it, 


Rachel & Jason

 Denise was the most punctual out of all of my vendors, she was quick to respond to any email I sent. She made sure everything was great the day of and made it stress free for us. She made sure all the details and planning I put into the decor came to life. 



 I used Brilliant Affairs for the day of my daughter's wedding in September. She was extremely professional and knowledgeable and helped us coordinate the ceremony the way we wanted. Denise is extremely prompt! She never was never late for consultation, rehearsal and of course the wedding day itself and had lots of good suggestions with placement of tables inside and outside of venue for best flow. I could not have done this wedding without Brilliant Affairs! 


Paola & Roberto

 Where to start! We are so great-full to hire Brilliant Affairs for coordinating our day! I mean Denise and her assistants kept me calm, organize and was on top of everything! I had a vision and she made it a reality and perfected it. Me and my husband especially my husband found it to be a perfect match with Brilliant Affairs we loved everything! Thank you so much for making it an unforgettable night and a memory to cherish forever! 


Kristine & Matt

 Denise and her team were super helpful with coordination and execution of my DIY wedding. They eased my stress dramatically and worked very hard to make sure I had a great day and night. Thank you!! 


Samantha and Patrick

 Denise was extremely helpful on the day of my reception. She arrived on time and made sure operations ran smooth. She was there for me when the bartender ran out of ice. Denise left the party to bring in more. Thank you Denise for allowing me to enjoy my family and friends without worries!  


Imani & Keon

 Denise is very punctual with response time. She showed up on time to the rehearsal dinner and was there as I entered the church to get dressed. Victoria & Taylor were super sweet and helpful. They were very professional! I loved the fact that everything was taken care of at the venue while at was at the church, since my ceremony and reception were at different locations. Team work makes a dream work! Thank you for your services Brilliant Affairs. .


Joanna & Lachlas

Denise was unbelievably helpful in making my wedding day go smoothly. I truly cannot recommend her enough. Denise is an absolute joy to work with, is an excellent communicator and maintains fair prices. I’m so grateful she worked with us! 


Rebecca & Michael

"Denise and her team did a wonderful job coordinating all of the many pieces of my wedding! I booked Brilliant Affairs for my Month of Coordination and it was a huge help with all the last minute items and crunch time! Thank you" Brilliant Affairs!


Megan & Brandon

"We couldn't have asked for more!“ Denise was awesome! She helped us from the very beginning to the very end. Denise was so helpful she really knows the wedding world and has a lot of connections with so many great vendors. Everything went so smoothly the day of the wedding. I would highly recommend Denise to anyone who is looking for or thinking about having a wedding planner! She really is passionate about her job and she will truly become a good friend along the way.” 


Dana & Anthony

Denise and Taylor made it possible for me to relax on my big day. Knowing they had everything handled allowed me to get ready in peace and enjoy those special moments with my family that were some of my favorites of the day. I didn't have to deal with vendor questions or last minute mishaps, and I could just enjoy being a bride. I would recommend them to anyone who wants peace of mind on their wedding day, because the value of that is priceless. 


Danielle & Dave

 Denise was a real pleasure to work with! She was highly organized and detail oriented from the start, which is exactly what we hoped for from our wedding day coordinator. However, what my husband and I liked even more about her was her ability to stay relaxed and make decisions on our behalf on our wedding day, because we were so busy with our own preparations. She also showed up early on our big day and was open to last minute changes in our ceremony. She's a true professional, and we highly recommend her to other couples looking for help in coordinating their wedding! .

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